For Artists, Fashion Designers, Techies, and Educators

    Be part of a dynamic and supportive community dedicated to pushing the boundaries of virtual creativity.

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    Are you an Artist? Would you like to share your work with the community at the OpenSim Worlds Fair? We have a FREE exhibit area that you can claim now. We would love to have you show off your creativity!

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    Are you someone who has come up with new technology or an innovative idea? We would love to see you share them at the OpenSim Worlds Fair. Grab a spot in our Technology area. Set up a booth, schedule a presentation. Show us what you got!

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    Are you a Fashion Designer? Are you one of those Super Creative people who help us all put our best foot forward in OpenSim? Do you have a fashion line you would want to show at the OpenSim Worlds Fair? Are you a costume creator or do you make historical clothing? Come by and pick out a spot to showcase some of your items. We are also planning several Runway Fashion Shows during the event!

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    Are you a passionate educator or teacher who wants to engage with your audience? Educating in Virtual Worlds is not new, but virtual reality is an ever-growing tool in the TECH-ED space. We are offering limited FREE space for educators to share their new and innovative strategies to teach in OpenSim.